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Excessively savvy for Wordle? Making Quordle look simple? Then sorting out the present Octordle words is presumably the following test for you. Octordle is an extraordinary twist on Wordle, Dordle, and Quordle that allows you 13 opportunities to figure out every one of the eight expressions of the day. Getting them, good means misunderstanding something like five suppositions.

This guide covers all the Octordle words for the afternoon, and we'll stay up with the latest as the riddle revives like clockwork. It likewise incorporates a short outline of how to play Octordle, since the UI can be mistaken for its need to look to see everything.

Searching for more word game aides? Look at the Wordle answer list for arrangements, or simply the Wordle sign rundown for a few supportive clues. For the grown-ups out there, the Lewdle answer list for the day can be loads of fun too. Favor numbers? The game answer guide has got you there.

How Do to Play Octordle?

Like the other word games out there this year, the Octordle game site is all you want to play this one. Simply head there on your telephone, tablet, PC, or even Xbox if you need it. The game will stack up and you'll be all set.
Part of what makes Octordle unique from other word games is how it handles words. Letters and surmises count for each word. For instance, if "sparkled" were the main word and the third has an "s" in a better place, "s" will appear on the following board featured in yellow.

Here is a breakdown of what each variety implies when the tiles change:

Green - The letter is perfectly located for that word.

Yellow - The letter is in some unacceptable spot for that word.

Dark - The letter doesn't show up in that word.

Octordle utilizes a single word board for each arrangement of two words. When you get the right word, you can't enter anything more on that ongoing board. You'll have to look down to track down the new dynamic board. Any information sources you've made on the dormant board will in any case rely on the new board, so mind what keys you press.

Up to this point, Octordle doesn't have a colorblind mode and utilizations dark for erroneous decisions, yellow for the right letter in some unacceptable spot, and green for the right letter perfectly positioned.

What Is the Best Octordle Starting Word?

As with Wordle, the best Octodle starting word is any with multiple vowels. “AUDIO” is always a good choice. It clears all but one vowel from the board, which should go a long way in narrowing down the right letter placement - or even guess it outright depending on how well the first match is.

Octordle rules

Octordle is the adaptation that requests that you surmise two words in only seven attempts. At the point when you compose your 5-letter word, in each endeavor it will listen for minute letters that exist in the looked through word, and if it is in the right position it will become green, and on the off chance that it exists yet, it isn't in the right position it will become yellow.

It additionally lets you know in what part of the quadrant the letter I since the letter gets a portion of the variety relying upon which word it compares to.

The best first word for Octordle

CRANE is the Best first word for everyday Octordle, as per most sentiments on interpersonal organizations, however, we have ordered a rundown of the 5 best words to begin the game.

Sound or ADIEU, with four vowels without skipping a beat. Your next word can be unified with an R, S, or T.

The dish might be your subsequent best word.

TEARS is a fabulous word for Octordle.

Proportion, with three vowels and two normal letters as R and T.

Gaze, If you need normal consonants and two vowels, this is your statement.

F.A.Q. (Often Asked Questions)

What is Octordle?

The target of Octordle is to attempt to address eight secret words simultaneously. Octordle is a game where players have 13 opportunities to figure 8 five-letter words one time each day.

How frequently a day could you at any point play Octordle?

Octordle means to figure 8 five-letter words. It looks simple, yet there are no clues and there are 13 endeavors to take care of business. On the main test, the program answers in variety. Dim implies that the letters don't show up on the planet, green implies that the word is right where it shows up, and yellow implies that the letter is in the word however in some unacceptable position.

What is the situation of speculating 8 words like common?

There is a game-like wordle that comprises of speculating 8 words in 13 endeavors with rules the same as a wordle.

How to play

Recently Wordle exploded and brought joy to millions of people. It has inspired countless clones including Octordle that owe their success solely to Wordle. Through Octordle, I ask that you add brightness to the world through doing good. Perhaps #giveordle will take off like Wordle did.

Guess all eight OCTORDLE words in 13 tries.

Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word. Hit the enter button to submit.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.



The letter C is in the word and in the correct spot.


The letter A is in the word but in the wrong spot.


The letters C, O, M, F, Y are not in the word in any spot.

When you type a guess in OCTORDLE, you will guess that word for all eight words that you are solving. All eight words you are solving will be different.


For the guess WORLD:

  1. The top left word has none of the letters.
  2. The top right word has the R in the wrong spot and the D in the correct spot.
  3. The bottom left word has the L in the wrong spot.
  4. The bottom right word has the O in the right spot and the D in the wrong spot.


You have 13 guesses to get all 8 words correct. Good luck!

A new Octordle will be available each day!

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