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About Crazy Candy Parrot

Crazy Candy Parrot is a logic game for one player, two players, or two people. If you like candy crush and parrot games, then this is the best match for you. In this game, you have to help a crazy parrot to find his favorite candies from all over the room. All the candies are hidden somewhere in the house that needs your help in finding them out. You can use a mouse to control movement and interact with different things around you.

  • Find matching candies by sliding the same colored candies together red candy with red candy).
  •  Find matching candies by sliding an unrevealed candy under its matching color so they match up on the other side green candy with green candy).
  • Confuse other players by hiding your own candies so when they can’t see them anymore, they think that some of your opponent’s candies are now theirs instead hide 5 red candies and make them appear as 5 green ones).
  •  Get as many points as possible before time runs out to

This Crazy Candy Parrot is for the crazy parrot! Help him find the hidden sweets and collect all the pieces of the candy. Create logic chains to make him walk in the right direction and solve puzzles to guide him from one level to another. Beware of traps, hungry animals, and tricky tiles that will mess with your plans. This game is a challenging word puzzle game where your goal is to help our crazy friend find all his hidden sweets. Search for hidden letters, match colors and discover all kinds of tasty treats in 60 fun levels across 3 different locations: The jungle, the forest and his own aviary. Do you have what it takes to help our crazy parrot? 

Crazy Candy Parrot game is a logic-based game, which teaches the bird to count and recognize numbers. You have an adorable pet parrot that loves eating sweets and playing with you. He is so cute that you cannot resist feeding him the candies and lollipops he craves for. In this game you need to help the parrot learn his colors, numbers, and their combinations. The colors will be represented by different shapes, and these shapes need to be placed in numeric order. A tutorial will walk you through the basics of the game while others are optional. 

This game is a logic game. In this game, the player needs to help Crazy Candy Parrot to collect as many candies from the rope as possible using his flying ability. Do not forget to collect all the candies from the rope and avoid falling into it. There are four levels in this game.

Crazy Candy Parrot is a hybrid match 3 game that combines the best of logic and adventure games. Players have to combine candies in order to make them disappear from the board. However, you must be careful as the more candies you combine.

How to play

Controls Press left mouse button to choose letters.

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