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About Hogwartle

This game will keep your children interested thanks to its thrilling competition component and is ideal for enhancing vocabulary, spelling, and reading abilities. The object of the game is for players to compete against one another or in teams as Hogwarts Academy wizards to determine who can recognize most words from their spell books first.

Everybody can get stuck on difficult words, but fortunately, there are helpful house elves hiding nearby who will give you suggestions if you need them. This could be a fantastic opportunity for you to help others if you have confidence in your spelling abilities! Making a wordle out of various colored tiles to depict each character, their pet, and magical creature is the game's ultimate challenge.

Similar to other Wordle variations, an orange tile indicates that you have the correct letter in the incorrect position, while a green tile indicates that you have the correct letter and position. If you don't find the hidden word within six tries, you'll lose that desired streak.

Other than that, playing Hogwartle is a fairly uncomplicated experience. It's obvious that you'll need to be familiar with your Tonks from your Scabbers; otherwise, it will be difficult to think of strange, franchise-specific phrases on the spot.

How to play

Using mouse


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