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Playing Wordle and Sweardle are very similar. Every time a user visits the page, they will see an empty grid of squares. The players will then have to guess a word to start. Sweardle is a tiny bit simpler and easier to comprehend because it employs four-letter words with four guesses as opposed to Wordle's five-character terms with six guesses. Similar to Wordle, a yellow brick denotes the proper placement of a letter, whereas a green brick denotes the proper placement of the incorrect letter. The only acceptable language is foul.

The objective of the game is to fill the board with as many words as you can when no more tiles may be placed. Each player receives points for each sentence they come up with during the game, according to its length: With bonus points for double letters or Vs, each letter is worth five points, each vowel is worth three points, and each consonant is worth one point. Those who earn the most points triumph.

How to play

Each day, you must correctly guess one four-letter swear word. When making your prediction, each letter you write will either be;

Green markings show that the letter is the right one and is in the right place.

When a letter is present in the word but not where it should be, it is marked with a yellow asterisk.

The letter is marked as greyed out to show that it is not a part of the word.

You only have four chances to guess, so exercise caution.

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