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This game is not for folks who prefer to use foul language but don't mind getting caught. Due to the fact that it solely uses English-language obscenities, this game is not appropriate for those who are delicate or easily embarrassed. If you believe it will be too difficult for you to accomplish or if all of your friends are too nice or timid to play anything like this, we advice that you look elsewhere because this topic is inappropriate for you.

Lewdle is the game for you if you like verbal combat and don't mind telling people about it. Playing this difficult game will allow you to demonstrate your command of the English language, and everyone will be able to see what a potty-mouthed badass you are.

If you play Scrabble frequently, you'll find this revised edition to be highly fun. The game comes with an unusual double-sided board that makes it easy to play, a lexical dictionary, and an instruction manual that can be used even if you've never played it before.

How to play

Using mouse

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