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About Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

Spin the Wheel: Old Testament is a fun and educational game created especially for the younger ones. It is known as ‘Spin the Wheel Old Testament’, but you can also call it ‘Kids Bible Quiz Game’. It has been designed in such a manner that every player will have fun playing it irrespective of their age. 

Spin the Wheel: Old Testament is a game based on the old Testament. In this game you must scroll through the different books of the Old Testament by clicking and dragging from left to right, rotating around the book. When you are done reading scroll all the way back to where you started. 

The Old Testament is full of mysteries, some easier to grasp than others. One such mystery revolves around a spinning wheel: What exactly was it? Where did this practice originate? And what did it symbolize (or not, as the case may be)? 

A spin the wheel game for kids and adults alike. Test your knowledge of the Old Testament and let the wheel of fortune decide if you are worthy to enter a new level or if you have passed the test. The game is separated in 3 levels with different challenges, but all based on the same game.

Spin the Wheel: Old Testament games are very interesting. They teach a lot of things and they can be played by adults, kids and very young children alike. The best part is that they are easy to understand and play. 

How to play

Controls Left-click = spin the wheel and choose alphabets Keyboard = guess the words

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