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Bouvier himself hand-selected a set of terms for Queerdle in order to diverge from Wordle's predominantly heteronormative demographic and narrative. New words are often added to the source word list, and even player word suggestions are accepted. The word length might be between 4 and 8 characters, and if complex words suit the pattern, they might even be included. A ticking time bomb of queer jargon in every shape, size, and variation, Queerdle is furthermore clearly marked as NSFW.

of course, like Wordle! You enter your guesses, and the game's color scheme will indicate if you got any letters right, wrong, or right but in the wrong place. There were also humorous comments like "You're a regular Derrick Barry!" After finishing the day's Queerdle, you get some strange sharing emojis: the correct letters are snakes, the incorrect letters are coconuts, and the yellow letters are bananas. Of course, you are free to eat them. The words "dragking" and "twunk," as well as some more I'll let you find on your own, are examples of past slang.

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