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In the Wordle BTS game, players must unearth a hidden word that has been placed inside a wordle. The game is played in six rounds, and the hidden word is discovered by using the clues from each round. If the guesses are accurate, the participants remain in place and offer their next suggestion. If they make a mistake, the participants move back one space and offer their next hint. A player cannot utilize a suggestion more than once after using it. Once all the letters of the secret word have been revealed, players advance one spot for each correct guess for each letter. The one who arrives home first in the round wins.

Wordle BTS is challenging but captivating. It might appeal to both adults and youngsters. This game is ideal for playing with friends, family, or as a conversation starter during a gathering. Players must utilize their word sense and creative thinking to respond to the game. This game helps you enhance your visual memory by utilizing different shapes and enhancing your spatial and pattern recognition abilities. Along with being entertaining, it also improves logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

How to play

- You have six opportunities to select the right word.

It is possible to correctly guess any word.

Each letter will change to purple, yellow, or gray after each guess.

A letter that belongs where it is indicated by purple.
Yellow: Correct letter, incorrect location
The erroneous letter is gray.

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