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Word Duel is a word crossword game. In this game you have to form as many words as possible from the given letter grid. You can use any combination of letters to make words, but there are some restrictions based on the number of letters that you can use and how many letters are left in the grid. The goal of This one is to make as many words from the letter grid as possible. You do that by arranging letters horizontally or vertically so that they form words from the given list of word prefixes (which are always something like “that, then, etc’ for English). The longer a word is, the more points you get for it. You lose points if you leave too few letters in the grid or if you use an illegal letter combination. There are two modes in this game • Classic and Arcade. In Classic mode your objective is to create as many words as possible with a maximum of 12 letters per word and within 25 moves only. There are no penalties in classic mode because it was meant to be played at leisure. Each move costs one word point though which means that it’s important not to waste time with unnecessary moves unless they help to further advance your positions in the classic mode ranking table (which shows how good players perform). On top of that classic mode is harder than arcade mode because more points are awarded for longer words which makes it harder for novices to win points here even though there’s a high probability.

Word Duel amazing game is a challenging word puzzle game. You need to pair 2 or more letters by the rules in order to remove them from the grid and create a valid Scrabble word. It’s easier than you think, but you’ll need to be smart while playing this game in order to succeed. The rules are simple and very easy to learn, but can take some time to master. There are 4 game modes, 25 challenging levels, 75 different letters and 100 different tiles. Enjoy This amazing game ! Word Duel is an addictive word puzzle game for all ages. It offers multiple puzzles with their individual strategies for you to solve. This amazing game features understandable gameplay so it does not require any previous experience. You don't need any specialized skills in order to play this game because anyone can do it! But it will take some time before you become better at solving these puzzles as well as time spent on them until you finally get the hang of it. Solving word puzzles is fun and they build brain muscle training the same way playing chess or other strategy games would do the same thing. That’s why we created this awesome word puzzle app for everyone who loves challenging brain teasers without spending too much time on it and find their own personal challenge level in them.

The Word Duel game which you have been looking for! The This one is where your vocabulary skills are tested and on the go! The app has multiple word duel games for you to play against your friends or family. You can play any of them anytime and anywhere! Whether you’re studying for a new vocabulary test or just looking for an entertaining way to challenge yourself, This one has you covered with its unique gameplay and endless word lists. It is perfect for those who love word games, trivia quizzes and crossword puzzles! WordDuel is the most fun way to learn English vocabulary. Features:

• Learn English Vocabulary - Play hundreds of different English vocabulary games that will help you learn words faster than ever before.

• Enjoy playing Word Games - From Scramble Words to Jumble Words, Word Games are included in our app to make it easy for you to improve your vocabulary instantly.

• Improve Your English Speaking Skills - Improve your speaking skills by playing mini-games or watch videos to become a more confident speaker with

If you love word games, then Word Duel is the one for you! It has everything that you loved about word games as a kid. This game will give your vocabulary a boost. The objective of this game is to create words from given letters. The player who creates more words in fewer turns wins the game. You can play this against a friend or family. This one supports multiple players at once so don’t worry about being lonely anytime soon! The goal of This amazing game is to create as many words as possible in the fewest possible turns (referred as “word-guessing”). Words are created by removing letter tiles until only one tile remains. 

Are you a puzzle lover? Are you fond of word puzzles? Then This one is the game for you! It’s a multiplayer crossword game where friends and family can compete against one another. This game is split into two modes: Classic and Challenges. In Classic Mode players are able to play any of the pre-made crossword puzzles that have been created by Word Duel ’s community. Challenge Mode allows players to create their own crossword puzzles, which they then challenge other players to solve. The main objective of This amazing game is to use your vocabulary and logical thinking skills in order to make it as far as possible across each given puzzle - but be careful not to use words that you don’t know because that will count against

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Controls Hold the left mouse button to move the letters.

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