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Word Bird is an HTML5 word puzzle game. This one is a simple word search game with an interesting twist. You have to find as many words as you can in the grid, but there’s a catch – each word must contain at least one of the target letters somewhere in it. So if the clue is “fox” and the target letter is “ox,” you can’t use words like “ red fox” or “ vixen ” because they both contain the word Conversely, if you have the clue “dog,” you can use words like “ terrier,” “ pug ” and so on because they all contain that word somewhere within them. 

Word Bird game is a HTML5 puzzle game where you have to find the hidden words in each level. Each level features different types of words and letters, for example English words or Latin words, or upper case letters or lower case letters. You can only see part of the word and it’s up to you to figure out what that word is. 

This amazing game is a free word puzzle game. It is easy to play and challenging at the same time. You need to find hidden words in the grid by exploring, combining letters and using strategy! Test your vocabulary skills and let’s see how many levels you can get through! If you like word games or other puzzle games, You will love this new challenging game! Download Word Bird - New Free Word Puzzle Game


How to play

Controls Drag the left mouse button on the selected words.

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