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Waffle Gameis a word game for kids. The goal of the game is to find words that are hidden inside other words. It has various categories like words, anagrams, riddles, educational words and more. There are multiple levels of difficulty in each category so that the game will be interesting for both small children as well as adults. With Waffle you can play: word search, crossword, sudoku and jigsaw puzzle electronically on your smartphone or tablet!

• Single player mode where you race against the clock (screenshots/replay)

• Challenge friends to see who can get to level 3 fastest (screenshot feature)

• Undo last change option helps you when you make a mistake while playing •

Easy user interface – no reading required

• No internet connection required

• Speakable keyboard (text-to-speech feature) allows you to hide the grid when typing with your device’s virtual

Waffle Game is a wacky strategy word game that will test your logic and vocabulary at the same time. A Waffle is a puzzle where you need to find the correct words by making combinations of letters. You can play 5 different levels from easy to challenging. Take turns laying down words from your hand to create a single Waffle using the same word only once (no more than once per Waffle). How many levels can you complete? Play against friends and family, up to 6 people simultaneously. Challenge yourself to beat your own score or race against others for bragging rights! The best part about it? 

It is a word game suitable for all age groups. It encourages you to think logically and creatively while solving puzzles. You get to unscramble words using the letters provided. You can play this game with friends, family or as a solo activity. The Waffle is a perfect on-the-go activity. This is also ideal for car trips, plane rides, waiting rooms, lounges and coffee shops where you have limited access to computers or internet connection. In this article we will help you solve the waffle game by giving you tips and tricks so that you can play it easily and effectively. 

Waffle Game is a simple Wibbly Wobbly Word Game using only one utensil — YOUR HANDS :) Taste the waffles and test your vocabulary at the same time! A great way to keep your brain active! Play against your friends and family in this quick & simple word game. Features include:

  • 4 Different Game Modes
  • 7 Stages of Increasing Difficulty
  • 3 Languages (English, Spanish, German)
  • As many Waffles as you want
  • Let others see how fast you can solve the puzzle
  • Restart the level if you get stuck or make an


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Using Mouse

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