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The only difference between Trekle and Wordle is that all of the words are Star Trek-inspired. This game may be especially difficult for those who are not fans of the movies because many of the words are unique to the franchise.

In this game, which resembles a hybrid between Hangman and Scrabble, players construct words using the given tiles. There are around 500 words in the English version's dictionary, but the game also offers word lists in many other languages. Once you are familiar with the rules, it is simpler to keep up with the rapid-fire word-generation that takes place as players scramble to use the remaining letters in their words.

How to play

Identify the word after six tries. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close your guess was to the word. Starting on Sunday, words get harder as the week goes on.

Regular words are used early in the week.
Apostrophes are omitted, such as when writing D'vana as "DVANA."
Words in Klingon utilize the KLI spelling.
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The word contains the letter Q in the appropriate place.

The word contains the letter L, however it is placed incorrectly.

The term does not contain the letter T anywhere.

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