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About Spin the Wheel: New Testament

Spin the Wheel: New Testament is a fast-paced word search game that puts your knowledge of the New Testament to the test. Each round, you’ll get a randomly generated set of seven verses from a chapter in the New Testament. You and your opponent take turns spinning an arrow associated with a category – things, people, places; there are seven different ones – and racing to find the verse associated with that category within 60 seconds. The player who finds the most verses in that round wins that point. 

Hey there, friend! Have you ever wanted to play a game that is both fun and challenging at the same time? If so, we have just the perfect game for you! Spin The Wheel New Testament is the perfect combination of knowledge and luck. It’s simple rules but challenging questions will keep you interested until the very end. This exciting game will test your knowledge about New Testament characters, places, books of the Bible and more. Sounds like something you would be interested in?

Spin the Wheel: New Testament is a fun and challenging 2 player game. You both have a wheel and will try to identify the correct answer from the many possible options. The first to spin, guess and identify the correct answer wins! There are four categories in total: Gospels, Acts, Epistles and Revelation. Within each category there are three levels of difficulty. 

Spin The Wheel New Testament is an exciting and challenging quiz game. It tests your knowledge of Bible passages, people, places, and events. This game is for players who know their Bible well. You have to be able to recall names, places and events quickly and accurately to win this game. Your faith will also be tested because you have to trust that the correct answer will be revealed when the wheel stops spinning. Are you ready? 

Spin the wheel and test your knowledge with this fun New Testament game. How much do you know about the Bible? Test your knowledge of the New Testament with this fun game. Answer questions about the people, places and events which appear in the New Testament. 

How to play

Controls Left-click = spin the wheel and choose alphabets Keyboard = guess the words

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