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About Primel

DL Miller created the guess-the-number game Primel in 2022. Miller drew inspiration from Wordle, Hannah Park's Wordle clone, a collection of prime numbers from the University of Tennessee at Martin, and Wordle itself. Players can make several guesses at a mystery term that provides them with hints along the way, similar to Wordle. The players are tasked with locating a five-digit prime number rather than a mystery word.

With its 5-digit prime determinants and six chances to determine the proper digit order to create a rational prime figure, Primel can be compared to a parallel universe version of Wordle. The length of the "word" itself presents the biggest obstacle because you have to plan your steps based on tips in order to find a prime number that is 5 characters long. It is as simple and perplexing as it sounds.


How to play

In six tries, identify the prime. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close your guess was to the prime.

The 7 is in the right place and in the prime.

While in the prime, the 0 is at the incorrect place.

In no location is The 3 in the prime.

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