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If you've ever wanted to see anything like Wordle but with a different concept, you might want to take a look at Passwordle. You can evaluate your understanding by attempting to crack a few random passwords.
Wordle is credited as being the main inspiration for the password-guessing game Passwordle. Ashley Knowles used Hannah Park's open-source Wordle derivatives code to develop Passwordle in 2022. To win the game, players must create a password using a random string of letters and symbols.

In terms of the fundamental rules of physics, Wordle and Passwordle are equivalent. Players use green and yellow tiles to indicate how near they are to correctly predicting the character sequence. There are a total of six theories that might be used.
However, because the passwords are so lengthy and unpredictable, this game could be challenging. Therefore, exercise caution when you implement your informed predictions. Never hesitate to jot your thoughts down on a scrap of paper.

How to play

Using mouse

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