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You must use your mathematical knowledge to identify the equation and how it appears in the math-based word game Mathle. The independent hacker who designed the game is also the author of Reversle, another Wordle substitute. The main features of Wordle are retained by Mathle, but you must find an equation composed of numbers and the two fundamental arithmetic operations "+" and "-," not letters.

A sign that reads "=" divides the eight empty boxes you receive into five on the left and three on the right. By using this design, it has been made sure that the left side of the equation contains a computation and the right side of the equation has the answer. You have five chances out of Wordle's six to figure out what the equation looks like. Various colored boxes will appear based on your predictions: green when a letter or number is correctly positioned, yellow when it is there but is mistakenly positioned, and gray when the character is completely missing from the equation.

How to play

  •  Use rectangles for integers and circles for operations
  • All of the fields on the equation's left side must be completed.
  • The formula must be precise. The equal sign must have the same value on both the left and right sides.
  • Keep in mind that multiplication and division come before addition and subtraction.
  • a keyboard that is electronic (+ plus, furthermore) [- hyphen, elimination]
    [x+ multiplication] [: colon, division]

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