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Hangman is one of the most famous word games in the world. It is commonly known as the "Guess-And-Get" game because that's exactly what you need to do to play it. In this game, you get to guess letters and figure out words on a grid by using the letters given to you. The fun part about this game is that there is a twist lurking around every corner. You see, in this game there's an executioner lurking behind every letter. Every time you fail to guess a letter correctly, he chops off another part of your body! Sounds hilarious? 

Hangman is a word guessing game in which the player is given clues to help them identify correct words. It's also a classic kid's game that many adults probably remember playing as a child in school or during a rainy day. Even though it may seem like an easy and simple game, there are variations of this word guessing game with different rules and objectives. Are you ready to play the challenging hangman game and solve the riddles? 

Do you enjoy puzzles and challenges? Then this game is for you! Try to guess the word by guessing letters. If you guess all letters correctly, you will discover the hidden message. If you get stuck, click on “Give Up” to reveal a letter or continue playing by clicking on “Let’s Try Again”. You have three lives in order to win this challenge. 

Are you a master of word puzzles? Prove it in this fast-paced This one game! In this version of the classic word game, you have to guess letters and words to avoid getting hanged. Each time you fail to guess the correct letter or word, another section of the poor guy gets hanged

Play the classic Hangman one game online free. The objective of this kid friendly hangman game is to guess the hidden word. If you miss more than 5 times, the man gets hanged and you lose! 

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