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Based on the popular Wordle game is the free puzzle game Cladder. The player must solve the problem and discover the secret hidden word in order to win this game. The player has 20 seconds per turn to locate the daily keyword. If you do your best to be true to yourself, the struggle will be won in the end. Can you endure Cladder's tribulations? Get registered right away to enjoy the wonderful benefits!

Cladder is a word game where you must find words that add up to the same sum. The first player to find five words in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the round. The game starts with four cards in the center of the table and each player has eight tokens. To begin, each player selects one token and places it on either the bottom card or the top card of the center stack. This becomes their "cladder". The first player then looks at their hand of three cards and selects two to place face-up onto their cladders. If they have more than two cards they may select one more and discard any remaining cards. All other players look at their hands and select one card to place face-up on another card on their cladders. When all players have placed a card face-up on a card on their cladders, those cards are taken off the table and reshuffled into the center stack. Then, new cards are drawn from the center stack and placed face-up onto two of the top cards of the new stack. This continues until there are only two stacks left -- one for current cards and one for discarded cards. After all cards have been placed on either stack, each player turns over any face-up cards left on their cladders that add up to five (or less). If a player

How to play

This straightforward game has gained a lot of popularity due to its simplicity and the fact that you only have 60 seconds to finish the challenge. There are no downloads or installations necessary for the 100% free word guessing game Cladder Word Wordle.

You have 60 seconds to figure out all ten clues.
Change one letter from the previous word to reveal the answer (i.e. GAME to FAME)
You won't suffer the consequences of poor estimation.
You could omit one (costs 5 seconds)
twelve: fresh problem

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